Temple complex and Accommodation

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Shri Mangal Dev Temple in Amalner is ancient temple on the planet, because it is aware of the location and rare and famous.

Temple area have two halls, tulasai garden, for water harvesting built six bunds, fountain, spectacular lighting, picturesque places, cantine, children play in the Rotary Garden, live rabbits, fish, shellfish, devotees accommodation and all kinds of services and facilities due to this temple got famous as the picnic spot and touris attraction.

So many schools, colleges, organizations, political parties, associations, clubs, society, social, religious, cultural institutions and the various programs come there for the trip They are cooperated by management . However, it is necessary to allow management before any program And the area of ​​the temple is a temple had won the right to give or not to give permission to any management program There are two AC rooms, one attached non-AC room, two big halls, and adequate number of washrooms in the temple premises. Accommodation is provided at affordable cost. There are good lodges in the town also.

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